Welcome you can now access your Tenant Portal. You will be able to see current balances due, pay rent online and submit work orders. If you would like to access the portal, please call the office with a valid email so we can send you an activation link.

Tenant Portal

It's recommended that you bookmark the login page so you can easily access the portal every month.


If you have any maintenance issues we have a maintenance specific email and team ready to answer any of your questions. 

If this is an emergency (flooding, fires, NO electricity, etc.) please call the office IMMEDIATELY and/or call 911 if needed. Leave a message if prompted to, & follow all instructions given by the automated message for emergencies.

Either go online to your Portal and create a work order, be as detailed as possible or email us:



If you email us directly please put your address, name & best phone number to reach you. If you use the Portal it will automatically have your information, email will not.



We require a written notice to vacate the property. Please see your lease for the required amount of time  (30 or  60 day) notice needs to be submitted.  Regardless of the date the notice must be submitted to the office, by the first day of the month you wish to move out ( ie. your lease is up on May 30th, we MUST RECEIVE IT IN THE OFFICE no later than May 1st)

Anything after the first will not be accepted to move out by the 30th, you will then have to wait until the end of the following month & you must pay your month-to-month rate for the last month. You can either mail in a certified letter, email or come in person to give your notice to vacate.

Please use the following form:

Notice to Vacate