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Rental Criteria

To comply with Fair Housing Laws, all applicants will be evaluated against the following criteria. The first applicant who meets all the criteria listed below will be offered the property. No person will be approved who does not meet all of the criteria below.

Please be sure to read "The Terms of the Application Agreement & Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act", BEFORE you sign and submit your application.

  • Each and every applicant must complete a separate application and pay a non-refundable fee of $40.00. All residents over 18 years of age MUST fill out an application.

  • All applicants must sign a form agreeing to allow Hardwick, Inc. obtain a police report and a credit report.  Credit score must be at least 650, except for students.

  • If any of the information on the application is found to be inaccurate, the applicant may be denied.

  • Applicant must have been at their job at least 3 months or be past the probationary period.

  • The applicant must have verifiable income  (after taxes) of at least three (3) times the monthly rent for units that requires tenants to pay utilities or two (2) times the monthly rent for units that include all utilities.

  • If the applicant has had an eviction in the past 3 years they must show good rental history for a year from a landlord that is not a relative of the applicant,  If applicant can't show good rental history the last month's rent may be requested as a condition of approval.

  • If the applicant has any utility collections, they must show proof that they have paid the collection off.

    • Applicant must provide the account numbers for utilities before lease can be prepared.  All utilities must be in the name of the applicant who is signing the Lease. 

  • For any properties that require the tenant to pay the water bill, a Water Deposit is required. The Water Deposit is usually $250.00 and must be paid in addition to the Security Deposit before move in.  It is fully refundable as long as all water bills are paid by the tenant.

  • The applicant must not have a conviction for any drug related offence or violent offence within the last 5 years, without proof of extenuating circumstances or time served with rehabilitation.

  • The applicants cannot be on probation or have any active warrants for their arrest.

  • Pets are not allowed in any of our rental properties.

  • If you have had bed bugs or cockroaches, you must  provide proof that you have  exterminated these pests prior to your application.  All of our properties  are inspected  for pests.

  • All applicants must obtain Renters Insurance or Liability Insurance with a minimum of $100,000 in liability for damage to the landlord's property during the term of your lease.  Your lease will not be issued if proof of insurance is not provided.                                                                                              

Upon Approval, we will do a 24 hour courtesy hold.  During this 24 hour hold you will be required to pay the deposit to take the property off the market.  Once the deposit is paid, we can hold the property

for a maximum of  30 days.   You must move in within that 30 day period.
If you fail to pay the deposit within the initial 24 hour hold,  we will continue to show and accept other applications. We cannot guarantee a property will still be available after the 24 hour hold.

WARNING: It is understood between the parties that in the event the security deposit has been paid, and the applicant and co-applicants do not rent/lease the premises or if they do not return all copies of the lease co-signed, that the entire deposit is to be used, retained and applied to Hardwick Inc. as liquidated damages in the re-renting of the premises. It is understood by the applicants that the deposit will not be refunded if false or misleading information is provided in this application or if applicants decide to cancel this agreement and application prior to lease. It is further understood by the applicant that under these circumstances, this Deposit Will NOT be Refunded in any part.

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